Thursday, August 13, 2009

Olive Grove

Random beauty on a foggy morning in San Martino.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Certificato di Residenza

Yahoo, I have my Italian residency!!! I inquired about residency at the town hall in Lisciano Niccone soon after I purchased my house last November. They required two documents, one from a plumber and one from an electrician, stating that the house was to code. As things move very slowly here in Italy, it has taken me this long to obtain both documents. This is a picture of the secretary Clara registering my name in the town hall records. I was so excited to finally have my residenza that I wasn't one bit embarrassed to ask to take her picture. I told her I was going to frame it when I arrived home. She laughed. I was serious.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

La Nostra Festa

Sunday evening we celebrated La Festa del Carmine here in Val di Rose at the monastery. I made two types of crostini and helped serve them at the antipasti table. Next to us was the dessert table and darling Giulia pictured here was helping. She was having so much fun serving slices of cakes and crostate that when her mother said it was time to go home, she refused. I didn't want to see her leave either because she was really doing a very good job, cheerfully serving while swatting wasps away from the trays. Once we told her we'd love to have her help us again next year, she beamed and put the tongs down. Step away from the table Guilia. A la prossima! Until next time!