Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Guest blogger sissie has arrived…that title is not about me; it’s my dog. The one that ate the buttons off the cushions (see last blog entry). I swear if she wasn’t so cute…how many times have I started a sentence with that? You see, our girl Bella, is a rescue dog. What, you ask, is a rescue dog? Sometimes it’s a dog that needs rescuing and sometimes it’s the owners that need rescuing AFTER rescuing a dog. Are we crazy? We are home #5. That’s right; FIVE different homes in her young life. We don’t really know/care why. All we know is a) she eats buttons b) cushions c) blankets d) POTTERY (I swear this is true)-only the terra cotta so far. Okay, okay, lets be fair. She USED to eat all of the above, but doesn’t anymore. She’s doing (as we say) “a lot better”. A lot better. People who know us ask us all the time, “How’s your dog doing?” In the next breath they add, “She is soooooooo pretty.” We cringe and cover her ears, knowing full well she has gotten by on her good looks and charm for much of her life. That and the big “P”…personality. My sister likes to say our dog has a big personality. Look closely at that tag. Can you read it? It says, “Good Dog.” Isn’t it the cutest? Unfortunately it lasted about three hours before she somehow broke it. It’s ceramic, adorable and made by the lovely and extremely talented Rae Dunn. I just checked her etsy shop and I didn’t see anymore. I bought this a while ago in Berkeley. I picked up one for my sister’s dog, too. Sydney Claire still has hers click here. I’m pleased as punch my dog eats buttons (okay, only sometimes)…otherwise my sister wouldn’t have this. The End. Posted by Zandra…….