Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Honey What.....

Did I mention I have an Italian boyfriend? Oh yeah, I do. Anyway, we were at the family garden (actually I would call it more of a "U-Pick Farm", it's a wonderland of produce!) the other day picking some corn, beans and whatnot when we came across this melon. Amore asked me if i know this melon. Not personally you realize, it's a language thing. "Of course!" I say, " It's green inside." After all it's an ordinary honeydew melon, right? He laughs at me and tells me it's orange inside and I brush this off as yet another of his infinite teases because it's humorous to poke fun at the Americana. Imagine my shock, surprise and utter disbelief when I cut into it and in fact it was orange! Huh?? Have I been living under a rock, or do we have these in California?

Friday, August 06, 2010

Love Seat

I want this oak tree in my yard.