Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Bird


Look what I found! A mass of down and pink parts. I discovered him hunkered down in the grass beside the house frightened to death. Too young to try flying yet, I think someone pushed him out of the nest. Okay, it could've been accidental. Either way, It's a good thing I didn't step on him or worse yet that one of my two cats didn't find him first! Everyone assured me that he wouldn't make it more than a few hours, but I put him in a cozy bed and covered him to make him comfortable. Every couple of hours I checked to see if he was still breathing and finally around 10pm I gave him some water mashed with canned dog food (I'd done some online research). We were sitting watching TV together, the bird cupped in my hand, when I heard the faintest 'peep'. At first, I thought it was something on the television, but I put him close to my ear and the little dear was actually periodically peeping. Hope! I went to sleep and woke the next morning, somewhat hesitant yet anxious to check on my patient. I slowly pulled back the cover and he was still alive! I already had an appointment by the vet at 4pm for my cat, but living here in Italy where animals serve a purpose -- you either eat them or they work for you -- I was sure they would snap his tiny little neck and throw him in the bin without a moment's hesitation. I had resigned myself to having to rear him myself, but not looking forward to trying to keep the cats away from him. I was soooooo pleased to learn that in fact there was a woman who lives in Magione who takes care of orphaned birds! Although I had already formed an attachment, I drove to Magione and handed him over. He's now in the good care of Ivania. God bless Ivania, and a shout-out to my peep!

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