Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Harvest

Not enough to make wine, but enough to be proud of! I was told that last year my two young grape vines didn't produce anything. I don't know what I did correctly, but I'm very pleased. This was about the most prolific thing my garden produced this year. I don't want to say that my garden was pathetic or anything, but it was. I think the most pathetic thing was me actually. When I was purchasing vegetables plants I only bought one or two of each type because I had high hopes of a megacrop yield. You know how a single tomato or zucchini plant can be and I'm a single person household. I didn't want to grow too much. Well other than these grapes, I didn't grow enough of anything to feed a mouse. Next year, that's gonna be my uber garden year!


Zandra said...

I am visualizing this basket overflowing next year!

Urban Peasant sf said...

Yea! Bellissimo.