Saturday, April 10, 2010

Phase One

This is the year of the uber orto! I hired someone to help me so I won't be taking the lion's share of the credit but I am very excited about doing it right this year and having a decent yield. My gardener is a little, old guy named Giovanni who sometimes makes the scrunched face at me when I speak Italian. So far, the dirt inside the garden has been tilled and we're planting this week because it's the correct phase of the moon. I'm allowed to purchase beans, onions and lettuce. It's too early for tomatoes although they're available in the nursery now and I drool at them as I walk past. Apparently I'm at too high of an altitude. I often notice when I go down near the lake that things are already in bloom long before they bloom up here. But I figure I'm closer to heaven so it doesn't bother me. I can wait.

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Zandra said...

P.S. Jaw dropping view from your garden......