Friday, October 15, 2010

Completed Project

It's taken months, but I have finally completed one of those projects that initially seems easy but turned out to be quite a task. God bless my sister who back in January brought me two feather cushions and their cases minus buttons which had been chewed off by her dog. More than once she has heard me complain about how difficult it is to find good cushions here in Italy so she lugged them across continents for me. I'm sure higher end stores here carry nice cushions but not the stores I frequent. It's times like these that I miss Marshall's... sigh. Well, I immediately purchased some adorable buttons from my favorite used store (told you I don't shop high end!) that looked as though perhaps they were previously on a military uniform. Unfortunately, they were too big for the button holes and the work of enlarging the holes wasn't anything I was interested in doing. My next button purchase was a bag of mixed buttons, different shapes and colors. How fun is that?!! Great idea, but I tried eyeballing the size of the button holes and it turned out that none of the buttons were the correct size. Then it finally dawned on me to find a single button that fit the button hole and put it in my purse as a measure. I put it in my coin purse so it wouldn't get lost. Do you know how many times I tried to pay for something with that button? Many, many. But it did finally pay off when shopping at another used store I stumbled upon two large bags of buttons and purchased more than I needed because by this time I had forgotten how many buttons I actually needed. Next came the tedious task of actually sewing on eight buttons. Here's my secret for completing tasks that are less than desirable. For every button I sewed on I read an entry of a favorite blog. Okay, it may take longer to complete a task this way but as Mary Poppins says "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!" High five Mary! Or is it the pound thing now? Here in Italy they don't do either.

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