Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bloody Mary Sunday

Of course Bloody Marys aren't only for Sundays, it's just that it's become a ritual for me to enjoy them on Sundays. Amore always grills something over wood coals in the fireplace while I enjoy a Bloody Mary -- or two, but no more than two (I swear.) This recipe was passed on to me from my dear friend Valerie who received it from a friend of hers and now I'm sharing it with you. It's the best! I'm not including measurements because that's subjective, don't you think? I like em spicy! Not everyone does. Weenies.
I start with half a glass of crushed ice and add
Horseradish sauce
Worcester sauce
Tabasco sauce
Muddle, muddle, muddle to mix well then add
Spicy tomato juice
Healthy squeeze of fresh lemon juice
One more muddle
Top off with whole ice cubes

Note: You can also put in veggies like cocktail onions, pickled string beans or a stalk of celery as garnish. I like to just throw in a bar straw and enjoy immediately!

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