Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Friend Agata

I want to share this letter with you.  It's from my dear friend Agata who after living in Italy for a few years returned to Poland.  She's a lovely person, both inside and out.  It made me happy to read this.  I hope you enjoy it too and wish her well!

My dear Friends!!!  Into the forest when the spring is coming... after the rain... when the wind comes with the smell of my memory from years ago... remind you something... something what is hard to call.   Like childhood happiness and fascination of walking trough the dark woods even on rainy days when the musk is green and the steps make no noise on the watersoaked ground of brown needles.  I'm dreaming a lot with open eyes and they coming... they coming to me one by one....  some of  the dreams become memories. Not only pictures but also memories of feelings and sometimes of smell.
A lot of good rides, lay down on the border of the woods with a picnic in the sack, watch the clouds I feel really like in the past, when I am riding is coming this impression that I have 16 again... I spoke with Agata what I see looking at my country now... and you know what?  I start to believe that the forest smell like that only in Poland... is a smell of my childhood... and my  happy time here... is funny... because when Zorro is running through the forest I am proud to show him all this... and he is just a horse can not understand a difference... so I am happy but veeeeeery busy... no time now for drawings... I have a car and I love it... I will send you a picture... Is just made for me... first because is black... and second when you will see you will know why.... I had already offer from very important stable for a job but I will stay with my friends because I promised... and also because i wanna try and also because I feel happy with them... for a course is possible that will be very near to my town... if not I have to go to Warsow... I miss you and our time together... sometime is like a dream for me... but my life is like this... and my dreams are beautiful.  It is warm during the day, some flowers will grow.  I feel like at home riding through the woods as I did long time ago.  Did the circle close?

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