Monday, September 30, 2013

Forgive Me, But

Sorry that I've been absent for a LONG, LONG time, but I have good excuses!  Does anyone want to hear them?  No one!??  How about some amazing news then!!?  We've put our gorgeous home on the market (picture me a little weepy) and are hoping to buy a place with a little more land!  One of us (pointing to myself) would be thrilled if we could grow grapes and produce enough wine for us and Amore's family.  After all, they supply us with olive oil and fresh eggs year round as well as some amazing produce from the enormous family vegetable garden.  I'd like to be able to give a little something back.

Below is a little slideshow video I made.  If you want to view it larger here is the link to the video on Youtube.  Be sure to "like" it if you visit there! Also, here is a link to the realtor's site with all the info and more photos.  Please keep in mind that I was not aware the realtor was going to be taking photos so the house was not prepared for a photo shoot, yipes.  Look away from the mess and instead notice how utterly fabulous this place is and, oh --  please feel free to share these links with anyone and everyone!  

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