Monday, September 14, 2015

Roof Repair - or - Caveat Emptor

This was the view from our upstairs window last month.  We were having our roof repaired.  It leaked.  Saying the roof 'leaked' is being kind.  We just celebrated our one year anniversary in the house and as Amore recalls, it rained more inside the house than it did outside the house that evening.

Having the roof repaired was a large expense, one we were not prepared to make right away, and one we were not happy about making since the owner had assured us there were no problems with the roof.  Caveat Emptor as they say, let the buyer beware.

This was our second experience with a large home project.  I think it's probably a bit like childbirth.  You forget the pain until the contractions begin with the next birth.  The noise heard inside the house was much what I imagine Chinese water torture to be like.  Pounding and banging and stomping, driving one slowly to the brink of insanity.

Outside the house the yard was filled with buckets and wheelbarrows, ropes and cement bags, and scaffolding blocking entrances and windows.  Inside the house there was lots of dust, bits of wet cement, and leaves and rubbish which came off the roof that the wind kindly blew into the house.  These were three digit degree days and dirt be damned if I was staying inside a noisy house with the windows shut tight!

This is the old insulation.  Picture us panicking every time it rained, running around with bowls and pots trying to arrange them according to where the water was dripping which depended on the ever-changing direction of the wind.

This is the new insulation.  Not only are we thrilled to no longer have to politely ask guests to place their belongings in areas we knew were safe from leaks, but what a difference it has made with the summer heat!  We are also thrilled with how much cooler the house is inside now.  A definite additional benefit!

Well, the work has finished and we are slowly returning to normal life here on the hill.  At least for now, for a few brief months before we begin our next large project.  You see, we need a little time to forget about the pain.

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sandra said...

Really love your identifying the process of your roof!!!! Great photos!!!