Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Renovating a Kitchen

We fell in love with the outside of the house first, which was a good thing because from there we went directly into the kitchen.  I use the word 'kitchen' loosely because there was nothing much in the room to indicate that it was a kitchen apart from a tiny sink and drying rack located in the corner.

The only working space was an old bureau located next to a small range with an even smaller oven below that no longer worked.   Neither did half of the burners!

On one wall were some shelves, the top half opened to the next room.   All very odd.

We had our work cut out for us, transforming this space into a real working kitchen!

But before we got down to work, we actually did have some fun picking out materials!
And some difficulty, because the choices were amazing.
We began by demolishing the sink. Sadly the original stone sink, which was a few hundred years old, was beneath the existing stone sink but it had been cracked in two. Probably why they put another sink over it.  We relocated the sink position to under the window because for as much time as I spend in front of the sink, I wanted a nice view.
On both sides of the relocated sink we put in counters made from chestnut planks from the trees around the house that we found in one of the cantinas below the house.  On the walls we put in 200 year old tiles.

Someday I will replace this photo with a photo of our working kitchen as it is now, a photo that does not include the reflection of the dry vac in the oven window!

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