Thursday, February 05, 2009

Small Splurge

.Cream-filled doughnut, devil be thy name. Doughnut, a nut of dough. Sounds appetizing doesn't it? Or let's consider the variation in spelling, donut, which to me resembles "do not" quite a bit. Once a year around this time I take a trip to California for an extended period. I visit family and friends, purchase supplies, and eat cuisine not readily available to me in Italy. As you can see, although doughnuts are available in Italy there is certainly not the variety we have back in the states. Once a year I usually treat myself to something decadent like an apple fritter or a glazed buttermilk or who can resist a chocolate old-fashioned doughnut! This year I am unable to make my pilgrimage and I'm starting to feel the affects. A boring sugar doughnut that tasted like a little bit of heaven/California.

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