Friday, November 20, 2009

Angel Blessings

God bless my angel trumpet plant, it's blooming in November! It looks a bit like my persimmon tree all naked and bare except for its gift, these gorgeous and quite large white flowers. When I purchased the plant the nursery had no idea what color the flowers were. After several months, while I saw many other angel trumpet plants had bloomed I was still waiting patiently to find out what color mine was all the while secretly hoping it wasn't yellow although telling myself yellow would be just fine. Finally tiny, tiny green buds appeared that oh-so-slowly turned into long green closed blooms. Also arriving was some very cold weather and all its leaves were turning yellow and dropping and none of the many blooms were opening. I had little hope of finding out what color the plant was this year. Then miraculously and quite slowly the buds began to open, one by one. Unfortunately, they need some warmer weather to release the intoxicating perfume within. Next year, my uber garden year. Bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

White is my favorite color and also the color of the angel's wings!