Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rescue Plant

Marina Fa Mercato is one of my favorite places to shop. It reminds me a bit of Target, one of those stores that has a little bit of everything. At the entrance is their plant and flower section. As usual upon entering I glanced around and saw an almost empty flat of bulbs, save for this one. The first hyacinth of the season, I immediately snagged it! After walking around the store a little while with it in my hand I noticed it was damaged, which was probably why it was the only one remaining in the flat. The buds were still closed, but I noticed it was smashed on one side and leaning badly. I didn't want to put it back because I felt sorry for it, but I really didn't want to pay full price for it either. I chatted up the salesgirl a bit and got it for half price, 50 centesimi! Am I for real or what? It still leans a bit to the side, but the perfume from this white beauty definitely says "Thanks for rescuing me!" every time I inhale it.

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