Thursday, March 01, 2012

Summer Wedding

Amore's niece is getting married July 7th and we've been asked to be witnesses at the wedding!  I happily agreed when she asked me but just found out that means I'll have to say confession with the priest who is presiding over the marriage.  Say what!??  "Father, it's been absolutely eons since I've made my last confession.  Regardless, I've no sins to confess!"  Anywho, she and I went dress shopping the other day.  We drove over an hour to a store in Arezzo that she was told had affordably-priced gowns and a wide variety from which to choose.  We found this to be untrue on both counts.  The least expensive dress started at 3,000 euro and there were a total of perhaps 40 dresses, each one more 'not my style' than the next.  I smiled and tried to be helpful and supportive with each excited "What do you think about this one!??" Traditional, they were not.  It's not that I'm traditional, but I find sequins, beads, sashes, flowers and bows in every color from bright pink to scarlett red on a virgin white dress somehow unsettling.  We're going shopping again tomorrow, just the two of us.  Stone by stone, I'm paving my way to the pearly gates.  Did you hear that Father Bruno?

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