Saturday, January 17, 2009

Double Take

.There is a weekday game show here in Italy called "Uomini e Donne", "Men and Women" and it's sort of like The Dating Game but with yelling, a popular form of Italian communication. I only watch as a means of improving my language skills, of course. Ahem, well anyway I first saw Serena a few months ago on the show and she hooked up with an ex-boyfriend hottie soccer player after a long, bad break-up. They were madly in love again. I was quite surprised to see her on the show again last week and they kept referring to her as Elga. I thought to myself, who are they kidding? Did she break up again with the hottie soccer player and needs anonymity now? It turns out Elga is Serena's identical twin. As if one of these gorgeous women on the planet isn't enough? God is a man, I'm sure of it.

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