Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got Wood?

.When I moved here in mid-November I asked the prior owners how much wood to order but by January it was apparent I needed more. My second wood delivery arrived Friday, a father and son business. Because it's late in the season, it was mostly new wood so the father said he'd bring by a bag of kindling for me the next day with this wife to help fire up the fresh stuff. I asked how much and he said nothing, maybe a coffee or a glass of wine. The next day he arrived with his wife and THREE large bags of kindling! I had made lemon poppy seed bread to serve with wine or coffee but they couldn't stay. They were meeting their daughter and didn't want to be late, or maybe were just too shy to come inside. I raced upstairs and brought them down a hunk of the bread I made wrapped in paper napkins, I wish I could have offered more. As they were leaving I thanked and kissed them both (as is customary here, the double cheek thing) and told the wife she smelled nice (she actually did). She laughed and told me she'd been working with the sheep all day and that's what I was smelling. I'm so touched and grateful that I have experiences like that in my life -- and that people like that exist.

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