Sunday, January 04, 2009

Outrageous Prices

.Almost 7 euro for a box of cookie mix!??! Who pays that much?? I don't even want to think what that box would cost in U.S. dollars with the current exchange rate. This is why I keep an ongoing 'wish list' of food items and household products that I would like from the states either because they're too expensive to buy here or they're simply not available and when friends and family comes to visit me I ask them to transport goods. Actually, I don't have to ask. They are usually kind enough to ask me what they can bring. Someone like myself, who always travels with my bags packed to the maximum weight, can really appreciate what it's like to lug around two full suitcases. A big "Thank You!!!" to all those folks who love me enough to carry those extra few pounds -- or 50.

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